Biomedical Blueprints is focused on visually recording scientific functions and accurately portraying internal anatomical workings through animation and illustration. We have the ability to communicate anatomical and scientific information in the form of 3D computer modeling and animation, concept design, and 2D illustration.

Whether you're looking for artwork to demonstrate a new medical device, to explain a scientific process, or to assist in a medical legal case, Biomedical Blueprints can illustrate your vision. 

Biomedical Blueprints is owned by Jemère Ruby. Jemère earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in Studio Art from Lake Forest College and went on to receive a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois - Chicago. Upon graduation from UIC, Jemère received the Applied Health Sciences Achievement Award, which is presented to outstanding students for overall performance and who serve as leaders in the college. Jemère is an experienced biomedical animator and illustrator with work published in over 100 medical books, journal articles, and surgical guides.